IE CHP are developers of a unique enabling technology that reduces energy bills and CO2 emissions by enabling low carbon technologies to integrate cost effectively with traditional UK heating systems, retaining the existing boiler.

The company is developing partnerships to deploy Smart Power Systems (SPS) within domestic, commercial and public buildings, enabling the smart energy vision. The first deployment of this SPS technology incorporates Fuel Cells into existing heating systems, simply and effectively in a low cost way. To develop a smart electricity grid we need investment in more flexible and adaptable technologies that support a transition to low carbon energy, encouraging customers to play an active role in the energy system alongside generators, suppliers and network companies.

Smart Power Systems are a key technology as they provide cheap, low carbon energy, whilst supporting the transition to a Smart Grid. IE CHP’s enabling technology can be easily adapted to support the simple, low-cost and optimised installation of a number of low carbon technologies within buildings, enabling Smart Grid integration.